Renovation of a detached house

La Bisbal d’Empordà (Baix Empordà)

Project: 2015

457 m²

This is an interior renovation of a semi-detached dwelling that needs to incorporate an elevator. The position of the lift and the new staircase will dictate the organization of the whole intervention, so we decide it must occupy a central point of the house in order to improve the functionality of the spaces around it.

The new distribution goes a bit further from conventional floor dispositions, minimizing its corridor space and achieving a greater performance of the useful area.  This new organization of the stairs allows to have all living areas without the need of corridors. We also propose a single and open space for the main floor, going from one side of the house to the other without any visual barriers. The final result will enjoy from a greater visual perception of the house and sunlight exposure on both façades, making a more diaphanous and bright place of it. The kitchen is placed on the south side, next to the balcony with direct access to the patio. The dining room takes a more central location, next to the living room on the north side.  The strategic position of the staircase core prompts the inclusion of two movable partitions used as a filter in case the owners need to segregate the space. The new stairs rise around the elevator, with skylights on top of them that brings natural light to all floors.

It is a renovation where the new stairs position becomes the structuring initial point both in its space definition and its functionality. The project also contemplates the rehabilitation of the main façade, reordering its composition in more appropriate proportions of the site.

Laura Rodrigo, Robert Comas (architects). SJ12 Enginyers – Albert Colomer (facilities)