Interior Refurbishment of a penthouse

Paris 16ème


March 2017 – August 2018

172 m2

The original state of this two-storey penthouse had its main rooms on the lower floor, with a double height that communicated with the terrace that was little used as it is on the upper level. On the other hand, below the volume of the inclined pitched roof there was an attic, used as a storage room.

The refurbishment consists of turning around the initial organization completely: we decided to close the double height, building a new slab to achieve a diaphanous floor at the upper level in total communication with the outside terrace and that can accommodate the main uses. Also to continue enjoying an interesting interior volumetry, the pitched roof is left on display, eliminating the existing attic, and we discovered and left on display the most singular and interesting element of this penthouse: the existing wooden ceiling with its large truss and the latticework of wooden beams and boards.

The staircase is the other singular element that organizes and solves the uses of this diaphanous space, it is a single element that at the same time offers multiple functionalities: in addition to its own function, it becomes a seat, an enclosure of spaces and it contains storage, all with the unitary image provided by the wooden strips.

At the entrance on the lower floor, the staircase welcomes us shedding light from the upper floor and inviting us to climb up, being, once again, the protagonist element.

This is a renovation in which the character of the space under the recovered roof is complemented by a unique multifunction staircase that allows organizing use and function providing a united and continuous image between the two floors.

Robert Comas (architect) David Foessel (photography)

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