House in Vilobí d'Onyar

Vilobí d’Onyar (Girona)


July 2017

2018 – 2020

290 m²

The house is defined in two bars parallel to the limits of the plot, getting to generate an exterior patio in the center. This patio becomes the main and reference element of the different uses of the house.

It is organized in semilevels, making the corridors disappear and turning the central stair into the element that will connect all the rooms. This great communicative element is also strategically located behind the patio to complete the sense of this organization.

The monolithic and closed appearance that can be felt by those who observe this house from the street disappears when one enters and discovers the space of the patio and porch embraced by the house itself, achieving a transparent and welcoming vision.

This combination of a large porch and the patio allows us to achieve a great fluidity of interesting circulations, visual communications between the spaces and that it is very bright. And all this, achieving a cozy space and sheltered from the glance of neighboring houses. Light, communication, privacy and protection are what this combination of a porch in front of a patio provides us.

This house is a good example of how opposing concepts can work well in architecture. The proportions and rhythms that contribute to relate the spaces, as well as better natural lighting in all the rooms generating harmonies that end up embracing each other and creating a well-connected home within it. Decisions that determine the way of living.

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