Terraced house in Casavells

Corçà (Baix Empordà)

Projecte:  2006
Obra: 2007-2008


This terraced house is located in a long and narrow plot on the edge of a small village.

The original state of the house was ruinous and we intended to preserve the stone façade on the north side alone, in contact with the old town. In the south façade otherwise, the urban context fades away, having instead some magnificent views to an open landscape that acquires a strong horizontal composition. Here the volume takes a staggered shape, conforming horizontal strips with linear windows that frame the views of the site. The semi-basement floor has a more advanced position so it can adapt better to the natural plot. Given this is the access level, we want it to have more qualities than a simple garage with a dark background, and that is why the central part of the ground floor is lower than the rest, creating an intermediate level that allows the visuals across the house. From our perspective, the garage must become a transition space between the interior of the house and the garden, which can also be used as a polyvalent room and not only as a mere parking area.  The ground floor is an open and diaphanous space, with great views to the landscape and the garden, in connection with the intermediate floor that can be used as a studio, a library… and also incorporates descending bleachers that might become a playground for kids, a meeting space or even a projection room. The first floor stores three bedrooms and has a crevice all along the floor to bring natural light to the lower levels. These floors raise in different heights to differentiate the continous space of the ground floor, conforming three interior volumes that qualifies the living area.

Finalist in the 13th Architectural Awards, Girona region, 2010

444 Young International Architects / Arquitectura Plus – Grupo via / October 2008
2G Dossier / Young Spanish Architects / Digital edition / March 2010
Magazine / La Vanguardia / September 2012
Diseño Interior / Globus Comunicación / November 2012

Jordi Sánchez i Saïda Dalmau (architecture students), David Codinach (structure), Planas – Casadevall (technical architect), Burgos – Gasull (builder), José Hevia (photograph).

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