Renovation of a house in an old town

Solsona (Solsonès)

Project: 2006-2007
Construction: 2008–2009

135 m²

A four storey terraced house in the old town of Solsona had to be adapted to the changes of the family.

The reform consists in the installation of an elevator that connects the four levels, allowing to change the uses of the second and third floors, improving the quality of the spaces so the family might enjoy the views from the unused old terrace, which will now become the main living space of the house . The main bedroom is situated on the second floor, where previously used to be the living room, the kitchen and dining room. The bedroom is equipped with a dressing room that, by the use of a sliding door strategically placed on the façade helps to understand and perceive the whole ensemble as a single space. The inclusion of the sliding door also enables to separate the two spaces, being able to use the dressing room as a second bedroom when needed. The living room, dining room and the kitchen are relocated on the third floor, the biggest one, where before the reform there were the bedrooms and terrace. All three spaces are now more spacious and better equipped, incorporating all services in a built-in furniture in contact with the partition walls, liberating space from the glazed façade.

This piece of furniture is designed to provide the necessary support in each area and includes a fireplace and a bathroom, all strategically designed to keep the kitchen away from the living space. The volumetric composition of the furniture answers the needs of all domestic activities, including the storing spaces, lightning and working desks. The stairs and the elevator are also in contact with the partition walls, completing the idea to accumulate there all services, releasing an open space under the new wooden roof and with the best views from the rooftops of the old town.

Finalists in the 3th Architectural Awards, Lleida region, 2010

3a Mostra d’Arquitectura de les terres de Lleida / catalogue 2010
Magazine / la Vanguardia / sunday 18 de september 2011

Jordi Sánchez (architecture student), David Codinach (structure), Planas-Casadevall (technical architect).

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