House in front of a watercourse

Cassà de la Selva (Girona)

Project: 2013
Construction:  2013–2014

147 m²

The house answers to the needs of its owner Lluís, who suffers from disability and uses a wheelchair, so he required a practical and comfortable house.

The plot has a trapezoidal shape with no adjacent buildings except for one neighbour, with the other sides facing the main street, a public square and a little stream on the south side. Due to its exposure to the public space, the house must provide privacy to the owner. The project is a one storey house, defined by two volumes adapted to the irregular geometry of the plot, with one side parallel to the neighbour and the other one perpendicular to the main street, creating a relationship space between them, away from the public views and facing the green surroundings of the stream. This space will become an outdoor extension of the interior spaces, enjoying from direct sunlight, with a small porch and paved area to facilitate the accessibility and avoiding any obstacle on the way to the house such as window frames, that will be embedded to the ground.

Due to low budget restrictions, it had to be constructed with the most basic constructive systems, used coherently and effectively to achieve the best results.  The house is constructed from the inside to the outside in successive layers, starting with the structural wall left bare in the interior, the collocation of the isolation layer and an air chamber to avoid any thermal break and finally another ceramic layer coated with lime mortar that embeds the sliding aluminium windows.

CODI Estudi (structure), Planas – Casadevall (technical architect), SJ12 Enginyers – Albert Colomer (facilities), Construccions Puigmolé S.L. (builder).

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